Position Title: Risk Analyst 
Local - Jakarta, 18 months

-    At least a Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering.
- 5+ (five) years’ experience as Process Risk Engineer 
-    Working with the PMC, CONTRACTOR and COMPANY Risk Managers to establish an effective network and profile for Project risk management activities.
-    Prepare a risk management plan 
- Identify, analyze and evaluate initial Project risks and risk treatment/mitigation measures and actions
-    Identify schedule sensitivities and critical path activities that could cause potential major impact to Project progress, and reporting these to PMC, CONTRACTOR and OWNER senior management teams for focused attention on these areas.
- Consider the potential impact on Project cost and schedule and report to PMC, CONTRACTOR and OWNER senior management teams.
- Analysis of the Project critical path/s, value engineering proposals, etc.
-    Identify areas of concern with respect to Project progress, recommend corrective actions wherever required and implement these when directed by OWNER.
-    Update and prepare risk management procedures and work practices, as appropriate.

Send your CV to email: resume@brunel.co.id 
ONLY shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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