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International Workshop Seminar Training 

Virtual Workshop MGEI Convention 2020 - Jakarta, MGEI is a professional association of Economic Geologists in Indonesia which one of the organisation's focuses is to provide professional development program for the member in mineral and coal industry. MGEI has a prominent annual event so called Annual Convention which has been held since the last 10 years. The 2020 is the 13th and themed as "Strengthening Discovery and Mining Culture, Welcome Tomorrow". A series of workshops will take place before and after the convention. One of the pre-convention workshop will be about coal commodity  covering:  "Coal Data Acquisition and Validation: A Crucial Steps  in Coal Resource Estimation"

The Workshop  will provide and lead the participant to have better understanding in correct process of data acquistion and how to validate it, improving the quality and reliability. Correct data acquisition and validation are very important and crucial steps in coal resource estimation, therefore a specific workshop  is designed with a series of hands on steps and exercises on important factors; from collar and surveys, core photography, logging geotech and geology, crusial role of geophysical data, lab data and also how to validate those data adequately so they are reliable for resource estimation.

There will be some real case studies for participant to take a lesson to learn from and further more participant can also bring their own real case to be discussed.

The workshop will also be equipped with Micromine software that can be utilised freely for 7 days.

The workshop trainers will be Mr. Rafwal Descartes; an expert in coal resource estimation with 13 years national and international experience in which mostly he spent his professional career overseas, he is a competent person under JORC and a Competent Person Indonesia under KCMI for coal resource estimation and Ms. Nadya F; the MGEI's MM trainer. There will be a special session from one of Indonesia's Coal Legends; previous Chairman of Kombers KCMI IAGI-PERHAPI and currrent Chairman of IAGI Ethic Committee; Dr. Chairul Nas.

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